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What words would Daniel leave me with?  What did he want me to know so badly?

Ava Hamilton is 23 years old and one of Sydney’s elite.  Despite her prim upbringing, she spends most of her time surfing, partying, and working at a fish market with her best friend Daniel, much to the dismay of her parents- her overbearing mother and her resentful ex-military father.

Ava’s focus changes when she meets Blake, the man of her dreams.  Unbeknown to her, he becomes a pawn in a vicious game of revenge that brings together her life, Daniel’s and that of an aged combatant serving in France.

With Blake and Daniel fighting overseas and secrets from the past surfacing at home, Ava finds herself questioning who she can trust.  She feels as if her life is no longer recognisable.

When Ava uncovers the truth, everything around her begins to unravel – betrayal, rivalry, cruelty, lost love, and all the lies that got us here.

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I haven’t finished The Lies that got us Here yet, but WOW!! I am hooked! I can’t put the book down. Kate’s writing style is entertaining, relatable and addictive. If you are going to read one book this year, make it The Lies That Got Us Here.

Sarah Roberts

The Lies That Got Us Here had me at the first page! I was hoping to keep it as a holiday read but once I read the first chapter I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next. This story has it all and the depth of the characters kept me wanting more. For a debut novelist, Kate Maher – you are inspiring! Can’t wait to see what you produce next.